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My Chiropractor Helped Me After My Accident

Since falling down a flight of stairs last year, I’ve had excruciating back and neck pain. I’ve been to several specialists, but none of them were able to give me a sense of relief. The last doctor I went to referred me to a chiropractor in San Jose, and he said he was fairly confident that he would be able to help me. I wasn’t confident at first, because the other doctors that I had been to weren’t successful in finding a cure for me. Still, I did as he told me and scheduled an appointment with my chiropractor.

When I met with the chiropractor, he was very nice. I told him what happened to me, and explained exactly where the pain was. He took a look, and then asked me some additional questions. I could tell by the questions he was asking that he really understood what I had told him.

Spinal Suffering from an Accident

My wife Jenny and I have different personalities. Jenny is considered to be a Type A personality. She is very adventurous and competitive. She has to win at everything. I am a Type B personality. I am more relaxed. I just like to enjoy my surroundings. One day, my wife insisted that we go rock climbing in the mountains. I was hesitant, but I went anyway. Jenny wanted to have a race to see who could get to the top. I slipped and fell on my back. I needed a Redding chiropractor to help me.

One day, Jenny and I decided to take a camping trip in the mountains. I wanted it to be a romantic getaway, but Jenny wanted to do something competitive. She was the best in everything she did. We packed up our equipment and went to the woods.


Control Your Sugar Levels to Prevent Prediabetes

A few danger elements demonstrate prediabetes, otherwise called metabolic disorder. These variables prepare toward insulin and metabolic issues in the event that you don’t roll out the correct way of life improvements important to control them. Of these progressions, dietary mindfulness is a standout amongst the most principal.

If you are fighting prediabetes, be judicious when planning snacks and meals. Stay away from refined sugars and soft drinks, focusing instead on low glycemic index carbohydrates. The “glycemic index” is a scale that measures different foods according to the length of time they take to break down into sugar during digestion. As in all aspects of health, balance is key, so foods that are low on the glycemic index scale—meaning they will not cause your blood sugar to rapidly rise and then crash—are always the best choices. Low glycemic foods include high-fiber fruits and vegetables, some whole wheat pastas and breads, and most nuts, while foods that you should limit or avoid include sugary cereals, high-sugar fruits, white enriched pastas or bread, parsnips, white potatoes, and most juices. Suitable replacements are whole-grains, fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats—including those that provide high levels of omega-3 fats, such as wild salmon and avocado. Of course, decreasing caloric intake by reducing portion sizes will encourage healthy weight loss, which also helps to improve metabolic abnormalities.

Exercise also plays a major role in reversing prediabetes. If you do not already exercise, start with moderate walking for 10-15 minutes every day and gradually increase your walking pace and length of time to meet your fitness level. Eventually, you want to aim for a brisk 30- to 60-minute walk at least five days a week—a routine that will not only help with weight loss, but will improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while reducing your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Adequate sleep is also critical, as recent research reveals that disrupted sleep patterns contribute to the development of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The same goes for chronic stress, which increases your levels of the hormone, cortisol, so find the solution for stress relief that works for you and engage in your stress-relieving activity as often as needed.

Last but not least, nutritional supplements can make a genuine difference. There are a variety of nutrients, herbs and botanicals that may help, both individually and in combination with one another. For more healthy ways to control your blood glucose levels, download a complimentary wellness guide at

cervical cancer

Cevical Cancer Symptoms

Here and there, tumors create in the cervix because of strange cell development. The cervix exists in the pelvic hole, poterior to the bladder and foremost to the rectum. It is a barrel molded part of the uterus. The opening to the uterus is framed by the cervix.

In the United States, this kind of cancer cancer is known to be the third most common type of cancer of the female reproductive tract. There are different types of cancer, the most common of which is the squamous cell carcinoma. Cervical cancer is more prevalent among women in developing countries, especially poor women since they seldom receive regular checkups. Therefore, the disease is usually diagnosed already at its later stage.

The progress of the disease is typically very slow. During the early stages, it is usually asymptomatic. However, as the abnormal cells grow, symptoms of cervical cancer may begin to appear and these include the following:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding. A healthy cervix may have a very small amount of bleeding. However, women with cancer of the cervix may suffer light or heavy bleeding after certain activities. This may occur between regular menstrual periods, after douching or sexual intercourse, or after pelvic exam. This happens because of the irritation of the cervix after these activities.

Unusual vaginal discharge. The cervix produces mucus, which is important in female fertility. During intercourse, the mucus aids the sperm cells move through the cervix into the uterus. However, any vaginal discharge that is abnormally heavy, foul smelling, watery or very thick in consistency may be a symptom of cancer.

When early stages of the cancer go undiagnosed, it can become invasive and affect the surrounding organs of the cervix. During this later stage of cervical cancer, the symptoms that may manifest include the following:

Pelvic pain. Some women experience mild cramping pain associated with menstruation, which is normal and does not need medical attention. However, pelvic pain may also be a symptom of cancer. It occurs in the lower part of the abdomen between the hipbones. Many women describe it as dull aches or sharp pains and may be intermittent or constant in nature.

Painful urination. Pain during urination is one of the symptoms that women may experience if they are already in the advanced stage of cervical cancer. It is sometimes accompanied with blood in the urine. This usually occurs when the cancer cells have invaded the urinary bladder.

Painful defecation. Pain from the rectum during defecation may also be a symptom of advanced cancer of the cervix. Sometimes blood can be seen in the feces. This happens when the cancer has spread into the rectum.

Got Banged Up in the Mountains

I go out to the mountains in Northwest Georgia and up into South Carolina and Tennessee all of the time. My friends and I will go out there to do all sorts of things. Some times we will just go fishing or hunting, but we will ride ATV’s or dirt bikes a lot as well. Of course we drink a few beers, but not enough to make it foolish. This time I ended up having to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA late the next day, but the reason was because I got run off of the trail by these three guys. One of them wrecked because he clipped me going past me.

An Introduction to the Types of Medical Imaging

Medical imaging has completely changed modern medicine. Thanks to this type of imaging, medical professionals are able to get a clear picture of what is going on inside the body. Prior to the invention of medical imaging, doctors had to make educated ‘guesses’, for lack of a better word, regarding what was going on inside the body.

There are many different types of imaging that are used all over the country for medical reasons. Here’s a look at some of the different types of medical imaging from Middletownimaging.

Types of Medical Imaging

If your doctor tells you that you need to have medical imaging done, for whatever reason, here is a look at some of the different options you will likely undergo:

  • X-rays – These take images inside the body using electromagnetic waves, a type of radiation. The images that are received from an X-ray are different shades of black and white, which is the result of different parts of the body absorbing radiation differently.
  • MRIs – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) utilizes both a large magnet and radio waves in order to get a look at the organs and structures inside the body. It provides very clear images, allowing doctors to make more precise findings.
  • CT Scans – Computed tomography uses specialized X-ray equipment to take cross-sectional pictures of the body.
  • Ultrasounds – This type of medical imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to examine the organs and structures inside the body. They are often used to view the hear, kidneys, liver, reproductive systems and during pregnancy, to examine the condition of the developing fetus.

These are the most commonly performed methods of medical imaging. Thanks to these technologies, modern medicine has been able to make dramatic improvements and provide more successful outcomes for patients.

Five Ways to Better Denial Management for Physicians

Refusal administration is one of the essential viewpoints for a doctor and can help with enhancing the income cycle administration. This can diminish blunders while overseeing claim disavowals as well as help in expanding the doctor’s income. This procedure is completed by restorative billers and coders who have specific information in the field and know about its legitimate angles. Productive dissent administration can expand the income from numerous points of view; some of which are evident while others upgrade the income in a roundabout way.
Specialized medical billers and coders

Medical billers who are experienced and specialized in this field can perform better by utilizing their skills with incisive understanding of why the claim was denied in the first place. Specialized billers also represent your case strongly when the claim is correctly filed and the payer denies the claim on unclear grounds. Denial ratios are steadily increasing with payers in the given healthcare scenario.


The best way to speed up the process of denial management is to analyze the grounds on which the claims are denied. Once the reason for claim denial is known, it becomes easier for medical billers and coders to correct the error and receive the deserved reimbursement. In Denial Management, Root cause analysis is more important than re-filing the claim.

Moreover, once the reasons for revenue leakage have been identified, any further loss can be pre-empted or stopped before it has occurred for the first time. Proactive Denial Management can increase the cash flow and the revenue by almost 10% by reducing the number of first-time claim denials.


Denial management can involve communication with various entities and it is important to be trained in the process of collections from such entities. These involve recovering collectibles from any of the payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, United Healthcare, Aetna and many local payers.


A crucial part of claims denials is appeals and these are explanations for re-eligibility of the claim for payment which was denied earlier. Since these claims can only be appealed within a set period of time, it becomes important to prioritize them. Not every claim can be appealed thus this tool must be used judiciously. The Billing specialist must also possess the skill required to write appeal letters as the explanation with correction is what gets you paid in most cases.

Prioritize Denials as per value

Managing denied claims or appealing them can be made cost effective by reviewing the most commonly denied claims according to the dollar value and volume. This helps in determining which claims should be given the most importance and which are less likely to produce positive results. This can assist in cutting costs as well as saving time in the revenue cycle management.

Medical billing and coding specialists at are experienced in denial management and are skilled in other areas of medical billing and coding services such as charge entry, payment posting, credentialing, and managing accounts receivables.

For further information and medical billing and coding services please visit Austin Medical Billing (, Baltimore Medical Billing (, Birmingham

Is Cellulite My Fault?

An inquiry as old as cellulite itself. Numerous ladies, and a few men, feel that their cellulite is an immediate aftereffect of some activity or in real life on their part however is it accurate to say that this is truly the case? I will endeavor to clarify what cellulite is, the manner by which it happens and in the process ideally mitigate a portion of the blame a couple of you might feel.
So what is cellulite?

It is a change in the skin that occurs in most females and appears as dimpling or a ‘cottage cheese’ look in areas generally from the stomach down. The look of the skin is altered due to structural changes occurring under the surface, namely fat deposits collecting there. These fat deposits are contained within chambers and separated by collagen fibers underneath the skin. These chambers increase in size for a number of reasons including:

Genetics – There is an inherited likelihood of cellulite,

Becoming overweight – Too much fat in each chamber,

Age – The fibers shrink and tighten pulling the skin ‘downward’,

Hormones (Oestrogen) – Stimulates the storage of fat for purposes such as menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding,

Poor blood circulation – The fibers shrink due to lack of oxygen and the accumulation of waste products resulting in the tell-tale cellulite look,

Poor lymph drainage – The waste products can not be drained from the area and increase the fat cells,

Exercise – Or lack of, can be a cause as there is no increased blood flow to the areas,

High fat foods – An increase in fat intake can cause the excess fat to be stored in the problem areas,

Sun – Lengthy exposure to the sun accelerate the skin aging process,

Dieting – On and off dieting causes the body to store fat in the problem areas in preparation for the next ‘starvation period’, and

Stress – A highly stressful lifestyle causes the release of hormones which are associated with cellulite appearing.

How can I avoid cellulite?

The short answer is, maybe you can’t. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the likelihood, the amount and the time at which cellulite will appear but for the vast majority of women, you will develop cellulite at some stage. Some of the things you can do to fend off its arrival are:

Diet – Eat a proper, low calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Avoid high fat, sugary and processed foods.

Exercise – Have a regular exercise regime consisting of at least three sessions per week.

Slip, Slop, Slap – Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat when in the sun for long periods.

Avoid stress – Easier to say than do but there are numerous calmative techniques that can be used or applied in most situations.

So is it my fault?

Yes, er.. no. Well maybe. Now that you know what factors can cause the appearance of cellulite you are armed with the tools needed to make changes to your life to hopefully delay or possibly avoid its

Therapeutic Uses of Boswellia – Arthritis Cure Or Not?

Boswellia is a sort of home grown plant which turned out to be exceptionally mainstream because of its mitigating scent. Boswellia has been known not utilized as a part of different medications ayuverdic. This herb is viewed as one of the best regular calming. For normal calming which implies that no compound added substances to the medication or drug. This herb can be viewed as especially supportive for individuals who are aficionados of option solution. Elective pharmaceutical incorporates a few regular methods for treating the ailment and preventive measures.

Compared to other standard drug of choice for rheumatic boswellia extract is beneficial, since it is less toxic and more potent. The various benefits of boswellia include increased mobility, reduced joint swelling action, steroid use, less morning stiffness and grip strength improved. It is very useful in improving the quality of life in general, both to the problem of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Health Benefits: Research has identified specific active anti-inflammatory herb, which are commonly known as boswellic acids. In animal studies, these acids have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in several ways. boswellic acids deter inflammatory white cells from infiltrating damaged tissue. Improve blood flow to the joints. They also block chemical reactions that set the stage for chronic inflammation that occurs in intestinal disorders such as Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. Boswellia may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Boswellia can be taken internally and applied topically to affected joints to relieve inflammation associated with these joint disorders.

A study shows the effectiveness of their use to treat your pain in the joints. Thirty patients with osteoarthritis of the knee participated in a 2003 study. Half the patients received a daily measure of Frankinsense Indian and the other half received a placebo. After eight weeks the groups were crossed over to the opposite action. All patients who received the supplement reported that their knee pain has been reduced substantially and could walk farther without pain than normal. The swelling in the knee joint was also reduced.

Other studies have shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The diseases have been studied with good results have been reported include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and bursitis.

Picking the Right Plastic Surgery Consultant

We’ve all heard repulsiveness stories of plastic surgery turned out badly, and frequently no more to procrastinate on individuals for a lifetime. Yet, it doesn’t need to be. There will dependably be maverick specialists and facilities pretty much as there’ll be rebel laborers in each calling, yet in the event that you invest the energy to look and do your examination you’ll have the capacity to discover somebody you can depend on.

That’s probably the most important point of all – research. You need to check the credentials of your potential cosmetic surgery clinic as well as those of the surgeons themselves, ensuring that everyone involved is full qualified and experienced in the area. They should have plenty of happy customers behind them to ensure your satisfaction, and always see if you can find reviews and recommendations to give you added peace of mind.

Of course, you need to make sure that they can offer the necessary procedures as well. While most clinics will be conversant in all appropriate surgeries some will undoubtedly have their specialities, so make sure to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best surgeon you can for your chosen procedure. Always make sure that your consultant can do the job, and never accept anything less than the best – it’s your life on the line, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best service that you can.

If you’re looking for a clinic that’s well-respected and trusted in the field and with surgeons that are known for their credentials and professionalism, then you need to see what botonics can offer. Located in the infamous Harley Street their clinic and individual surgeons are renowned in the plastic surgery field and are sure to be able to help, so make sure to get in touch and you’ll be well on your way to finding the surgeon that’s right for you.

Ceasing Panic Attacks Naturally

On the off chance that you need to see how to stop alarm assaults actually then it sounds like you are wanting to go the self improvement alternative as opposed to making utilization of doctor prescribed medications to deal with your uneasiness and frenzy. Uneasiness assaults can be stopped and there are inconceivable all common method for achieving this. Frenzy and nervousness assaults begin off in the cerebrum and they are made in the territory of the mind alluded to as amygdala. This truly is somewhat similar to a switch that turns tension and off.

Controlling the amygdala is the vital thing to mastering precisely how to cease panic and anxiety attacks naturally. Panic and anxiety believe it or not accomplish a useful purpose as their function is to alert you of approaching threat so that you can do something to assure your own survival. This process is named the fight or flight response. Panic and anxiety symptoms happen once this process becomes too easily induced due to over excitement of this response.

The good news is that panic attacks and anxiousness really are a behavioural pattern which you acquired over time when you are in contact with stressful stimulus. Any kind of behaviour that is acquired may be unlearned as well. This is how to prevent panic disorders naturally. Although there are natural cures for panic and anxiety attacks such as natural herbs they simply offer you short-lived reduction because the secret is unlearn this behavour rather than manage it using drugs or herbal treatments.

Learning how to overcome your anxiety and panic necessitates finding out how to do a few simple techniques that can stop this pattern. It is easy to avoid anxiety and panic attacks as soon you feel anxious by performing psychological exercises which have been intended to retrain the amygdala. Once you are in the position to stop the amygdala initiating panic and anxiety attacks this ultimately turns into a brand new behavior which changes the previous behavour where panic and anxiety attacks are brought on easily.

The most essential approaches to getting to know how to stop panic attacks naturally is finding out how to breath correctly. When panic attacks arise your breathing becomes faster and shallower. It’s a sign of the fight or flight response getting triggered. By taking power over your breathing by taking extended deep breaths you’ll be able to seize control preventing an anxiety attack. It is essential to make deep breathing exercises a part of your everyday regimen because this will help you become a more serene person and less at risk from the stimulus that bring about panic and anxiety.

The most beneficial step you can take with regard to ending panic attacks naturally would be to follow a training course that will take you through each of the approaches you must learn to bring your anxiety and panic under control. The very best help I have found with regard to learning how to end anxiety attacks naturally are The Linden Method and